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SafeSpace counselling was  established in August 2010 to work with clients with, or recovering from, drug and alcohol problems. Since then our remit has widened to include vulnerable people in general . . .

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SafeSpace counselling service was established a decade ago to work with clients with, or recovering from, drug and alcohol problems. Since then the service has been extended to vulnerable people in general, even those whose main concerns are not drug or alcohol related.

You can discuss with you counsellor all aspects of your life, not just drugs/alcohol.

The service is available and generally free to anyone over 18 years old living in the Nottingham City/County area, but if you are working you will be asked to consider making a voluntary donation of whatever you feel able to afford.

You may also be able to make a contribution to the service, which is non profit making, by accessing your individual health or social care budget – see choosemycare website

We aim to provide an efficient, effective, caring and confidential service to our clients.

what Is Counselling and what Can It do for you?

What Is Counselling?

Many people are unclear what to expect from counselling. Counselling is a process . . .

Our Standards

You can be assured that your counselling sessions are totally confidential and . . .

Helpful Links

The Safe Space Team have put together some links to organisations and services . . .

Opinions Matter To Us

what our clients have to say

As part of the service provided to one of our partners, Opportunity Nottingham. The organisation conduct internal evaluation reports on our counselling service working with people in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. This report was completed in 2019 and demonstrated that we are a “vital part in supporting some people” through recovery. Futher interviews with clients “revealed clear tangible benefits”.

Safespace is very proud of the work we do within Opportunity Nottingham, as well as other partners and feel it’s important that we can share this with our current and prosepctive clients.

Our Partners

They Believe In Us

Access to the Safespace counselling services is through direct referral from a number of agencies and enables you to be directed to us with minimal effort required on your part. Speak with your Keyworker to discuss your options and the suitability of our service provision for your needs, requirement and current situation.

If you are not currently in communication with any of these referring agency partners, or as a keyworker have someone you wish to refer to Safespace but we haven’t or don’t currently work with you then just contact us. Let’s see what we can do for you or your client(s).

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