What is counselling?

What is counselling?  What can it do for me?

Many people are unclear what to expect from counselling. Counselling is a process which may help you to make choices or decisions about you and your life. Our counsellors at Safe Space are professionally trained to a high level and are working either as volunteers or as a student placement, having reached a sufficient level in their training. Your counsellor will work with you to:

    • More fully understand your present situation.
    • Explore new ways of making changes in your life.
    • Build confidence and self esteem.
    • Resolve problems that interfere with you making and maintaining relationships.
    • Develop a greater sense of personal freedom.
    • Develop strengths and coping skills.

Your counsellor will listen to you and encourage you to talk about the things that are important to you, without judging you. The aim is to help you become clearer about your feelings and consider possible solutions to the difficult things in your life, but your counsellor will not tell you what to do or take action for you. They will help you work towards solutions that you feel will work for you.

What counselling isn’t aboutYour Choice

    • Giving you ‘advice’.
    • Telling you ‘what to do’.
    • Judging you.
    • Your counsellor imposing solutions on you.
    • Minimising, rejecting, or questioning what you want to discuss.
    • Your counsellor being able to solve your problems for you.
    • Your counsellor ‘talking for you’.

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