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About SafeSpace Counselling Therapy

Why We Do What We Do . . .

SafeSpace began providing therapy and counselling services in 2010 in Nottinghamshire. It began as a small organisation and grew almost organically to now currently have 12 volunteers.

The motivation for setting up SafeSpace was to fill a definite gap in the provision of counselling therapy resources in Nottinghamshire. Nearly all counselling services are time limited usually offering 6-12 sessions. Many of our clients find this number is not enough. Private counselling costs are beyond the financial reach of many people. Other of our clients are told that for one reason or another they do not meet the criteria of other services, often being rejected as being too ‘complex’ in their needs.

As an organisation, we have the belief and the experience that even the most vulnerable and complex will benefit from counselling.

Because of our philosophy of trying to make the provision of counselling affordable and accessible we have been able to and privileged to work with a wide range of clients who would otherwise not be able to access counselling.

Often when accessing our service it is often the first time the client has felt really listened to without judgement, and without being told ‘what to do’.

The evaluation of Safe Space included on the website demonstrates the effectiveness of counselling in this client group.

We have a team of dedicated volunteers and trainees who truly believe in the ethos of Safe Space.

We are recognised as an approved training provider by the Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute.

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